Klaudia, 20.
Nothing but Elvis and a bit of rock n' roll.

"Sometimes when I walk into a room at home and see all those gold records hanging around the walls I think they must belong to another person. Not me. I just can't believe it's me."

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Elvis Presley in the film Loving You, 1957.

Tampa, Florida. 1956.


Elvis Presley c. 1950s


Elvis Presley, 1957.

Elvis Presley signing autographs backstage at St. Michael’s Hall in Broadview Heights, October 20, 1955.

Elvis Presley in Tampa, Florida. 1956.

Elvis Presley during an interview on a train ride to California to film his next movie, G.I. Blues. April 20, 1960.

Elvis on the day of his induction into the U.S. Army, March 24, 1958.

Elvis Presley in Tampa, Florida. August, 1956.

Elvis Presley photographed in Bad Nauheim, Germany, 1959.